12 Best Waterfalls in Jamaica


Waterfalls in Jamaica are naturally stunning and can be enjoyed all year round. The lush Jamaican landscape with its beautiful tropical flora adds to the stunning beauty of the waterfalls throughout the island. Two of the island’s most popular waterfalls – Dunn’s River Falls and Blue Hole – have received international acclaim and fame for their beauty.  There are several other waterfalls in Jamaica worth highlighting.

Dunns River Falls

dunns river falls

The world-renown Dunn’s River Falls is a beautiful and spectacular waterfall near Ocho Rios in Jamaica. From a height of about 180 feet (55 m), cold water from the surrounding hills cascades approximately 600 feet (183 meters) down naturally terraced steps and enters into the Caribbean sea.

Climbing the waterfalls is a popular tourist activity, often, but not exclusively, performed with the help of tour guides. It takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to climb the falls, assuming short breaks for photographs and video recordings. The falls are bordered by lush, green vegetation.

Dunn’s River Falls easily earns its place among the best waterfalls in Jamaica.

Reach Falls

Reach Falls is situated within Montane Forrest on the John Crow Mountain Range in the parish of Portland. The falls comprise a series of picturesque small waterfalls, the highest being approximately 10 feet (3m) that cascade down a rock face into a crystal clear aqua-green pool.

Reach Falls not only offers a beautiful natural ambiance but is also one of Jamaica’s most popular eco attractions. The Falls is home to a variety of native flora and fauna that never fail to pique the interest of visitors.


Reach Falls is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Jamaica.

Somerset Falls

Somerset Falls is located 1.5 km east of Hope Bay Post Office and approximately 15 km west of Port Antonio along the A4. The breathtakingly picturesque waterfall is hidden in the rainforest, where the Daniels River plunges down a deep and narrow gorge. The tranquil waterfall with its flowering vines and foaming cascades as a backdrop, is an ideal getaway for a memorable picnic. The falls provide for a blissful day of sunning, relaxing and bathing in picture-perfect deep rock pools.

Somerset Falls is another of the most picturesque waterfalls in Jamaica.

Reggae Falls

Reggae Falls, located in the district of Hillside in the parish of St. Thomas, is commonly referred to by locals as a secret jewel. Water from mountain streams plummets over a cliff with an estimated height of 70 feet and empties into the Johnson River. The fine mist created from the force of the water as it hits the river is especially appealing to visitors.

Residents of Hillside point out that the falls were known previously as Dam Head or Dam Falls, derived from an abandoned hydroelectric facility where a dam was built in the 1920s to supply water to the community. The residents say the name was changed to ‘Reggae Falls’ following the Reggae Boyz making it to the finals of the 1998 World Cup in France.

Reggae Falls, one of the most interesting waterfalls in Jamaica, is a major tourist attraction.

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Jamaica, is located in Jamaica’s White River Valley, which bordered by the lush and beautiful parishes of St. Mary and St. Ann. Nestled in the rain forest mountains amongst lush greenery and exotic flowers, this serene and beautiful place is truly a hidden treasure and a piece of paradise.

The Ocho Rios Blue Hole, is also known as “Island Gully Falls”, “Secret Falls” and “Irie Blue Hole.” The icy blue waters of the river meander through hills, forests and villages as they make their way to the Caribbean Sea. The Blue Hole creates cascades of waterfalls approximately 20 to 25 feet deep and has a small underwater cave, hidden underneath the waterfall, making it one of the best waterfalls in Jamaica.

Kwame Falls

Kwame Falls is located near the district of Robin’s Bay in the parish of St. Mary. The waterfall is 32m in height and natural water flowing from the nearby hills cascades down the waterfall into the relatively shallow pool below. Though reaching the falls requires hiking a part of the journey, the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding countryside and the falls itself makes the trek worthwhile.

Kwame Falls is one of the waterfalls in Jamaica worth making the effort to visit.

Tacky Falls

Tacky Falls are situated in the parish Saint Mary, Jamaica and 9.2 km from Port Maria, the parish capital. The precise location of the falls places it in a secluded area, reachable by foot, not motor vehicle. Reaching the falls requires hiking along a steep trail.

Tacky Falls has several tiers of water along a rock face about 30 meters high. Tacky waterfalls are unclimbable and so is an observation-only falls.

The seclusion of Tacky Falls and its off the path location makes it one of the most untouched waterfalls in Jamaica.

Nanny Falls

Nanny Falls, named after national heroine Nanny of the Maroons, is nestled in Portland and a short hike from the entrance to Moore Town. It is a must visit for persons interested in maroon history and culture.

The 10-minute uphill trek to the picturesque falls and swimming hole, starting at Town, at the point where vehicles no longer have access, is like a fun treasure hunt on a natural trail. The hike takes visitors pass huge ferns, Otaheite apple trees, guava trees, and giant stands of towering bamboo. The surrounding greenery and rock formations are breath-taking. The crystal-clear water of Nanny Falls flows off rocks 30 feet high into the pool below. The water cascading in the pool below creates a spraying mist that is refreshing and invigorating.

Nanny Falls is one of the most picturesque and historically interesting waterfalls in Jamaica. 

Cane River Falls

Cane River and its glorious waterfall is situated in Bull Bay, St. Andrew. The falls, often cited as the most impressive natural falls in eastern Jamaica, is revered for its tranquility dotted with the sonance of chirping birds and the falling water hitting the river below, which seem to create a sense of heightened spirituality.  

Monika Osborne from New York in describing her visit to Cane River writes: “These Falls are breathtaking and fantastic! This is truly paradise and so absolutely worth the trip! … the nature and quiet and peacefulness was a spiritual experience.”

Cane River was also a favourite spot of relaxation for the legendary Bob Marley. Several murals of the reggae icon Marley adorn the site. He may well have drawn some of his inspiration from the essence of the site.

Konoko Falls

Konoko Falls are nestled in the parish of St. Ann and overlook Ocho Rios. The waterfalls cascade down several limestone rock faces, which have been carved by the water currents. The beautiful waterfalls enveloped by lush vegetation provide visitors with a memorable experience. In addition to waterfall climbing, the park housing Konoko Falls has a wide variety of other attractions, such as a petting zoo, a museum, and an aviary: So there is never a dull moment for visitors.

Konoko Falls is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Jamaica.

Mayfield Falls

Mayfield Falls, situated in the heart of the parish Westmoreland, is a ‘cauldron’ of exotic flora and fauna, indigenous to Jamaica. Mayfield Falls is a combination of two breathtaking waterfalls as well as twenty-one refreshing natural pools that allow for diving and swimming. The cascading falls are sources of relaxing massages.

Mayfield is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Jamaica.

YS Falls

Photo by SamLJennings

YS falls, situated in the parish of St. Elizabeth, are a combination of seven beautiful waterfalls which cascade into natural pools and allows visitors to experience not only the majesty of the falls but the surrounding lush gardens and towering trees.