Alkaline Announces New Album

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Hundreds of thousands of Vendetta fans finally got the news they have awaited eagerly for the last five years. Alkaline, through a press release yesterday, announced that his upcoming album, titled ‘Top Prize’, is due for release during the early weeks of Spring 2021. The release of a single of the same name ‘Top Prize’ accompanied the announcement.

Alkaline’s debut album, ‘New Level Unlocked’, released five years ago in 2016, peaked at #1 and spent 18 weeks on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart.

Since his debut album, Alkaline has produced dozens of monster hits which have defined him as one of the best lyricists in Dancehall. “Since his debut in 2011, recording artiste Alkaline has consistently surpassed his peers and raised the bar for those working in the reggae-dancehall genre. Musicians to media, fans and entertainment executives globally have stopped to take note of his artistry and success which to date is unquestionable” says his publicist, Shuzzr.

The press release, announcing the upcoming album, goes on to state, “the 14-track album which will further demonstrate his creativity, growth, and unforgettable presence as a lyricist, is guaranteed to secure all the accolades attributed to his debut project, even more”.

“Unstoppable since his meteoric rise to the top shelf of Dancehall, amidst mounting opposition and constant criticism, Alkaline, is the most successful influential independent artiste to emerge from the Caribbean in recent history”.

“His upcoming album will showcase his mastery of the field in a time when innovation seems to be low”.


Referring to the upcoming album, Alkaline states, “This album is timely as with my experiences, the lessons learned and growth overtime, it is only fair that I bring everything full circle. All the Detta fans who have been a part of the movement from day one will appreciate it and even those who have just come to realize the fact will enjoy it… It bad! Lol”.

If the success of ‘New Level Unlocked’ coupled with Alkaline’s growth in the mastery of his craft, since then, is anything to go by, music fans can expect ‘Top Prize’ to be a tour de force.