Dr. Andre Dick Gets Senior Appointment


Andre Dick, MD, Associate Professor of Transplant Surgery in the section of Pediatric Transplantation, has been appointed Associate Surgeon-in-Chief, effective September 2020,  by Seattle Children’s Hospital. He joins Dr. Sanjar Parihk (Orthopedics and Sports Medicine), Dr. Suzanne Yandow (Otolaryngology), and Dr. Jeff Avansino (General Surgery) as fellow Associate-in-Chiefs.

Dr. Dick is taking on this new role in addition to his current leadership roles as the Surgical Director of Renal Transplantation, Medical Director of the Surgical Unit, and Transplant Surgery’s Fellowship Program Director. His appointment to Associate Surgeon-in-Chief is a significant honor for both him and the Department of Surgery at the University of Washington.

Dr. Andre Dick, a Jamaican, is an alumnus of Wolmer’s High School (Boys) and a member of the class of 1991. He received his medical training at the State University of New York School of Medicine and completed his residency at Pennsylvania State University, Hershey Medical Center. Additionally, he completed a fellowship in abdominal transplant surgery at the Medical Center of the University of Washington. He joined the University’s Department of Surgery and Seattle Children’s Hospital in 2008 as assistant professor of surgery and obtained his Masters Degree in Public Health (2011) from Harvard School of Public Health.